Tour of Downtown Harbin and “The Snowflake”

This is the last day we can speak English. Rebecca (Mai Beijia), our RA, took us on a tour of downtown Harbin. We took a bus to “the snowflake” and got off. The area is called “the snowflake” because there is a large snowflake glass structure in the middle of downtown.

We walked around “the snowflake” and passed many familiar stores: KFC, McDonalds and Carrefour. The most interesting part of the tour was when Rebecca explained that beneath the “snowflake” there is a maze of underground tunnels that is now filled with shops and restaurants. When is gets cold, this underground tunnel system is filled with people seeking warmth and some fun. I plan to come back and explore this underground shopping system.

After the tour, I met my new roommate, Zou Mengnan. She is a Material Science Engineering student at Harbin Institute of Technology. This will be her second year. She likes to fence and play volleyball. I’m actually taking a fencing class that she is TAing this semester! So far, this semester looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I really like my classmates and my roommate and I get along really well…but let’s see how tough the academics are. I hear CET Harbin is one (if not the most) rigorous Chinese language program you can attend in China!

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