My Room and Everyday Life

This is my room! I know…it’s a little messy. The bed by the window is mine, as well as the desk and chair. I’m fortunate in that I got the bigger room out of the two room suite. My dorm includes a bed, mattress, blanket, desk, wardrobe, drawers, chair, bathroom (shared by 4 people), and a public kitchen with a fridge for all my classmates to share. We also have a study room and living area. The living arrangements are overall really great.

My roommate’s name is Zou Mengnan, she is from Dalian, China and a Material Science major here at HIT. We get along really well! She participates in many clubs around campus, which is great, since I can tag along! Fencing class is one of them.

I washed my clothes one afternoon and went to the market to buy hooks to paste on the walls and string to hang the clothes off of. The hooks did not work, so I had to get create in hanging my clothing. I am quite proud of my “achievement.”

I took a picture of my homework, who knew it could be so cute? Thanks for the fish pen, Darrah! When I do homework and then realize that I’m writing my answers with a fish, it really brightens my day.

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