Everyday Life #2 at Harbin Institute of Technology

In my blog, I seem to always emphasize on the fun, multicultural, and exciting parts of my studies abroad. My everyday life, however, is pretty normal for a student studying abroad in China: wake up early for class, study at night, go to the school cafeteria for lunch/dinner with classmates, exercise at local gym, etc. The classes that I am taking are:

  1. Chinese Literature (with Hu Laoshi, she is amazing! She makes us laugh and learn Chinese at the same time)
  2. Ancient Chinese (with Wu laoshi, she is also great. I am learning a lot in this class)
  3. 1 on 2 Tutorial (practicing pronunciation with a Chinese teacher and classmate)
  4. 1 on 1 Tutorial (I have had difficulties with my professor, but we have finally fixed our differences and are now continuing to prepare for my Fulbright research.

My classes are overall really great. I’m improving my Chinese and making friends in the process. My teachers are really understanding and the Academic Director, Ren Laoshi, is kind, stern, and a very interesting woman! I give a big thumbs up for CET Harbin and my classmates. I really am having a spectacular time here. This is a great way to prepare me academically and mentally for my year of research in Yunnan.

One night, I did not have much homework and decided to find a piano on campus. Though I am no pianist, I really enjoy playing a piano, listen to the notes that I press with my finger, and make music with my amateur skills. After searching for 30-45 minutes in the gigantic, 6-story Student Activities Center, I found the practice rooms on the fifth floor. The keys were worn down to the wooden tablets and many of the keys lost their strength in sound, but it was a piano.

I played it for an hour…it was one of the most relaxing parts of that week. I often feel claustrophobic in big Chinese cities (tall buildings, seas of people, no space, no silence), so this piano helped quiet my soul.

This sums up my average days. Though my day is often a routine, I always try to do or see something a little different: play the piano, get lunch with someone I don’t know well, run to a different part of town, go to a new restaurant to eat, etc.

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