Exploring Harbin: Shopping in Hongbo Underground Market

Since I lost my mitten in Inner Mongolia, my roommate and I decided to venture to the gigantic underground market that is Hongbo Square. It is an intricate underground mall (3 levels) with endless halls of clothing and random knick-knacks. Though I do not like to go shopping, I enjoyed the atmosphere: thousands of locals bartering with vendors for deals and couples window shopping. So, this is what average “Harbiners” do on the weekend.

Shopping in Downtown Market

Mengnan (my roommate) wearing ear mitts

A Piece of Home in the Underground Market

I’m surprised the shirt was spelled correctly! Are there such things as Minnesota Wildcats? I bought new gloves and spandex with fleece on the inside. I’ll be warm this winter!

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One thought on “Exploring Harbin: Shopping in Hongbo Underground Market

  1. Dad

    Hey Colleen: I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as the Minnesota Wildcats–at least those that are Champs! There is a highschool hockey team from Maple Grove with that mascot’s name, but that’s about it. I wonder if there is a Harbin sports team with an interesting logo?

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