Cross-Cultural Exchange: Halloween Celebration

Happy Halloween!

My classmates and I carved our own mini pumpkins.

Nearing Halloween, none of my classmates organized an event. So, like what my Resident Director once said, “Once an RA, always an RA.” I sent out an email to everyone and organized a costume party and trick-or-treating event. It was a school night, so I made sure not to make the event too jammed-pack with Halloween goodness. My suite-mate bought three pumpkins (one for me, her, and another classmate). On Halloween, we carved them. I didn’t have time to carve a mouth on mine. See the really traditional one? A Chinese roommate carved it. His first carved pumpkin ever…he did so well! He won the pumpkin carving contest.

Me and Frida Kahlo (Elise)

Binder Full of Women (Ziiing!)

My roommate eating a caramel apple for the first time

The Chinese roommates really enjoyed the event. They laughed at all the costumes, helped us devour the plethora of candy, vote for best pumpkin and costume, and joined in when my classmates made an impromptu “scare house/dorm room.” I was really happy to give my classmates a little taste of home and give the Chinese roommates some understanding of American culture…even though it’s a bit strange!

My night in a nutshell

It may have been the best Halloween I’ve had in years…and it was out of the country! Good memories.

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