Recap of February Before the Trip: Chinese New Year

I apologize for the lack of posting lately. I have gotten used to Kunming life and have found fewer and fewer things that inspire me to blog. Before writing out my 2-week long trip to Northern Yunnan, I thought I would briefly recap what I did during the Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival is a month-long ordeal where people go back home and celebrate the new year with their family. So, from the perspective of a foreigner, EVERYTHING is closed and empty for what feels like many weeks.

Molly, my twin sister, came to Kunming to visit me during this time period.


Molly Found a Bunny While Reading in a Cafe — Adorable + Super Adorable, right?

On the day of New Year’s Eve, we trekked for 10 miles to and alongside Dianchi lake. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and puffy white clouds. Molly was glad to get out of the urban-scape environment and enjoy some natural scenery in the city. I was also happy to introduce her to Kunming because it reinvigorated some lost energy that I had when I first entered Kunming in December. I explored much more before, whereas recently I’ve been plopping myself in front of my computer or in cafes reading thick ethnographies and dense articles.

After a good 3-hour walk, we made it to Dianchi Lake.


Taking A Rest by the Lake



Suburbs that Rest on Dianchi Lake

We walked through the suburbs to get back on a road and soon realized finding a taxi the night of New Year’s Eve would be incredible difficult. We walked for a bit and saw a taxi drive by. We waved at it, but it continued on because it already had someone in it. We sighed and continued. Ten minutes later, the same taxi came back looking for us. The woman driver knew we would never find a taxi where we were and helped us out. She went out of the way to drive us back home. I really appreciated it! We wished her a happy New Year.

Afterwards, Molly and I went to a cafe to eat free dumplings and then we met up with friends at a bar where we set off fireworks and merrily drank [one white russian] through the New year.


Other activities before traveling included: playing frisbee with the local pick-up team, watching Battlestar Galactica, and having a potluck with other Fulbrighters and friends. I made a square Apple pie.

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